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Life of a Silicon Valley Hipster

A parody of all things Silicon Valley

Hipster and startup culture has become somewhat mainstream, thanks to shows like “Silicon Valley”. Yet there weren’t any humorous books about “making the world a better place” by becoming seemingly rich, so I decided to create one. I hope it does justice and brings chuckles to geeks in Silicon Valley and beyond.

"Life of a Silicon Valley Hipster" book

It’s a tale of Theo, a real (fictional) Silicon Valley hipster, who is on a quest to make the world a better place! His epic journey begins on his way back from Burning Man, as it often does.

The crisp San Francisco morning breeze mingled with a bouquet of pot and urine stench, that has been the catalyst for many innovators, did not let Theo down. With all the confidence of a hipster who wears cropped pants and shoes with no socks, he sets out to build a disruptive startup. This book proudly chronicles the rise and fall, the pitches and pivots, the failures, yet somehow successes, of that awesome venture.