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More Than An Amenity

More Than An Amenity

KQEDMay 11, 2022

Open space is essential to our well-being, whether it’s a high country wilderness or a patch of urban green. Jasmine Jaksic learns that a park is more than an amenity.

Commercializing Open-Source Products

Commercializing Open-Source Products

Jasmine Jaksic talks about how to balance open-source value creation and revenue generation.

"Life of a Silicon Valley Hipster" book

Life of a Silicon Valley Hipster

Self-publishedMay 3, 2020

This is a parody of all things Silicon Valley: an epic tale about Theo, a real (fictional) hipster, and the twists and turns of his “disruptive” startup. As it turns out, making the world a better place by becoming seemingly rich is more difficult than it seems.

Gender Roles: In Search of Open Source Software Diversity

Gender Roles: In Search of Open Source Software Diversity

KubeConDec 13, 2018

Gender diversity in the open source software community was a topic of discussion at this week’s KubeCon, where panelists explored the problem and pointed to corporations as safe havens against bad behavior.

Kubernetes Podcast

Istio, with Jasmine Jaksic and Dan Ciruli

Istio has hit 1.0, and there’s no-one better to tell you about it than Jasmine Jaksic and Dan Ciruli from Google Cloud. Adam and Craig bring you this, as well as the news from the ecosystem.

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